Saturday, 8 September 2012

Spp Visa Rejection

Reasons For Spp Visa Refusal

  • Try to take edmition loan on real estate like on your home,flat,shop instaed of taking on Fixed Deposit,Mutual Funds ,Shares.
  • Always submit upfront fee for the first semester of the program that you have enrolled into.
  • Although IELTS score requirements are 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 for postsecondary diploma, bachelor’s degree, PG diploma respectively but its always advisable to get extra bands like 6.0, 6.5, 7.0 As CHC is tightening SPP visa policy so only best students are getting the visas.
  • An Education loan is MANDATORY no matter how much liquid funds you have or how super rich you are so a visa wont be granted to the student until he/she has not availed education loan from a chartered bank
  • Do not provide any FALSE INFORMATION as they will be able to trap you in the interview round. As there are plenty of applications being submitted with fake documents to its highly recommend not to submit fake education loan documents coz they can confirm education loans with the bank anytime and a fraud applicant can be barred to apply to canada for 2 years
  • If you have gap years then its advisable to provide some solid proofs of the work experience or the gap years.
  • Do not follow your consultant blindly coz they are making money even if the visa is rejected. Consultants always try to convince the applicants that things are really easy and smooth but its not always the case so beware of the consultants who says we can provide education loans, experience certificates etc etc.


  1. Is there any criteria in SPP that says student having work experience of more than 5 yrs are not eligible ??

  2. No there is no such criteria for visa rejection. Infect your profile will be strong as your work experience increases.