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India, Punjabi and Hindi Immigration to BC Canada Lawyers-Indian Citizens are Now Eligible to Obtain a 10 Year Multiple Entry Visa to Canada

July 10th, 2011

The Canadian government has  created a fantastic new Canadian Immigration incentive to improve trade and business ties between Canada and India and to promote investment and work opportunities between Canada and India.

Indian Citizens are Now Eligible to Obtain a 10 Year Multiple Entry Visa to Canada

The government of Canada recognizes the strong social, economic and trade ties people who are citizens of India have with Canada. The government of Canada has decided to give a new push to allow 10-year multiple entry visas for Indian citizens. This means, if you are of Indian citizenship and have a valid passport, you can enter and exit Canada as many times as you like, and for whatever purpose, for 10 years. The proclamation was just announced by Canadian Minister of International Trade and Minister for an Asia-Pacific Gateway Edward Fast during  round table discussions with high-level Indian trade and government representatives.

How does it Work

This 10-year visa will allow Indian citizens to enter and leave Canada as they require, for up to 10 years. This type of Visa is aimed at facilitating business and trade relations between Canada and Indian citizens. The visa requirements and policies will make it easier for Indians to invest, do business or work in Canada.

The government of Canada aims to create and maintain a bilateral trade target of $15 billion US dollars between Canada and India in the next 5 years. This type of partnership is similar to a Free Trade Agreement and seeks to promote open market policies benefiting both countries.

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